Tuesday, August 9th, 2022


N-Power Salary of 3 months for beneficiaries are being owed, the job creation and empowerment initiative of the social investment program of the Federal Government of Nigeria, confirms it.

In a recent tweet that is pinned to their official twitter handle, it is explained that the reason for the delayed payment of N-Power Salary for the beneficiaries is due to several reasons and actions are on course to restore normalcy to the system.

The tweet reads, “For those whose accounts are owed the March, April and May stipends, your accounts were flagged by the GIFMIS platform for several reasons.”

Furthermore, it says, “The Ministry is working hard to resolve this. It is no one’s fault.”

Lastly, they concluded, that they are aware of the challenges that the situation might have caused but in a very unfriendly manner, the comments that followed suit were harsh in nature.


One twitter user said, “Dear N-Power Team!  You don’t know how hard we have gone through during this lockdown. If you fixed a date to pay our stipends I think that will make beneficiaries to be calm, best regards!’’

Another user says, “Please should we wait till infinity? What kind of flagging is this for 3 months now. Let your conscience be at work here o. make una fear God cox the table keeps on shaking. It might be your turn tomorrow. Karma has everyone address. Remember.”

When an inquisitive follower asked about what could possibly be the reason for the accounts being flagged, N-Power replied; “We will share the details soon.”


Another user alleged that 80,000 beneficiaries are being owed, he says, “Over 80,000 N-Power beneficiaries were not paid for good three months without a reason. We are all starving to hunger, depression and death. Most of us got family and we have nothing to feed our family with…”

N-Power quickly refuted the claim saying, “While we understand the difficulty you must be experiencing, we ask that you please refrain from sharing information about the 80,000. That is not correct sir”

The the job creation and empowerment initiative of the social investment program of the Federal Government of Nigeria currently have 200,000 existing beneficiaries who are entitled to N-Power Salary, and another 300,000 to be deployed this year  with another 100,000 skilled professional and technicians.

We will bring you more updates as we have access to them.

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