DeZion Heritage School Pioneers Robotics Education for Primary School Students

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In a bold move to revolutionize education and equip young minds with cutting-edge skills, DeZion Heritage, a nursery and primary school in Lagos is setting a new standard by incorporating robotics education into its curriculum. DeZion Heritage School is an innovative institution, whose dedication is to provide children between the ages of 5 and 11 with a well-rounded education that combines traditional subjects with robotics. This unique approach aims to foster creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and prepare students for the technology-driven future.

With the rapid advancement of technology, the demand for individuals skilled in robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence is growing exponentially. Recognizing this trend, the Chief Learning Officer of DeZion Heritage School, Mrs. Oluwatoyin Ayotunde-Owolabi, has embraced the forward-thinking approach of teaching robotics to young children. By introducing students to robotics at an early age, the school aims to ignite their curiosity and passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields.

Mrs. Ayotunde-Owolabi further stressed that: the school’s curriculum is carefully designed to ensure a balance between conventional subjects and robotics education. Students are exposed to core subjects like Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies, while also participating in hands-on robotics activities. The robotics program is structured to gradually introduce young learners to the basics of robotics, coding, and engineering principles.

Starting with simple tasks such as building and programming robots using LEGO Mindstorms kits, students gradually progress to more complex challenges. They learn to design, construct, and code their robots to perform specific tasks, encouraging teamwork, problem-solving, and logical thinking. The school’s experienced teachers, who undergo continuous professional development in robotics education, guide and mentor the students throughout their learning journey.

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According to the Chairman of the DeZion Heritage School, Engineer Ayotunde Owolabi, ‘integrating robotics into the curriculum offers numerous benefits to young students. Firstly, it enhances their problem-solving and critical thinking skills as they tackle real-world challenges through hands-on activities.’ Students learn to identify problems, develop logical solutions, and evaluate their effectiveness. This process nurtures their creativity and ability to think outside the box, Engineer Owolabi affirms.

Secondly, robotics education fosters teamwork and collaboration. Students engage in group projects, sharing ideas, and working together to accomplish goals. They learn the value of effective communication, compromise, and respecting diverse perspectives.

Additionally, robotics education nurtures resilience and perseverance. As students face obstacles during the robot-building process, they learn to troubleshoot and persist until they achieve their desired outcomes. This cultivates a growth mindset and prepares them to overcome future challenges.


DeZion Heritage School recognizes the importance of parental involvement in a child’s education. To foster strong partnerships between parents and the school, regular workshops and seminars are organized to educate parents about the benefits of robotics education and how they can support their child’s learning journey. Parents are encouraged to participate in robotics-related activities, such as robotics competitions and exhibitions, which serve as platforms to showcase students’ achievements.

Furthermore, the school actively engages with the local community to create awareness about the importance of robotics education. Open houses, public demonstrations, and outreach programs are conducted to showcase the students’ robotics projects and inspire other schools and institutions to adopt similar initiatives.

By incorporating robotics education into its curriculum, this Lagos-based nursery and primary school is paving the way for the next generation of innovators, engineers, and problem solvers. It recognizes the significance of preparing young learners for a technology-driven future, where robotics and automation will play pivotal roles in various industries.

A parent, Mrs. Melody Lawal says, ‘the school’s visionary approach is laudable, as it equips students with valuable skills that are increasingly sought after in today’s job market.’ By providing a solid foundation in robotics education, the school is nurturing a generation of individuals who will be well-prepared to tackle complex challenges and contribute to the advancement of society, the mother of two concluded.

DeZion Heritage Summer School
Summer School

DeZion Heritage School stands at the forefront of educational innovation, and has successfully integrated robotics education into its curriculum. By offering young students the opportunity to explore robotics, coding, and engineering, the school is empowering them with essential skills for the future. With a focus on creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving, the school is shaping the next generation of leaders and innovators who will thrive in a technology-driven world. The school summer camp is opened from the 1st of August to the end week of resumption in September.

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